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DAS Insurance specializes in formation of wholly owned legal entities established by an individual or an industrial, financial, commercial or governmental organization or organizations to underwrite all, or a selection of, the risks of that organization and its affiliates. Such captive insurers are usually domiciled in a specialized location, and may be either onshore or offshore.

Captives are formed for many reasons, including the lack of a commercial market for certain lines of coverage, the desire to recapture underwriting profits and investment income that would otherwise be earned by the commercial underwriter, or as a means to access the reinsurance market.


•  Viability assessment

•  Formation, incorporation and licensing

•  Domiciliary regulators application preparation, submission and process monitoring

•  Service provider identification, including auditors, actuaries, attorneys, and bankers, and liaison with regulatory authorities

•  Domicile alternatives, captive structure, retention levels, and capitalization

•  Fronting arrangements, as well as reinsurance and excess insurance placements

•  Brokered and direct reinsurance market access

•  Investment management guidelines establishment and performance monitoring

•  Accounting and insurance recordkeeping, control, and reporting procedures

Ongoing Services

•  Regulatory compliance

•  Regulatory financial reports, including annual and quarterly statements

•  Provision of home office and a local director, if required

•  Accounting and other supporting records

•  Financial statements

•  Cash management

•  Policy documentation

•  Business plan changes

•  Premium tax returns and other required filings

•  Periodic and statutory financial statements and underwriting, statistical, and management reports

•  Serve as Directors and Officers

•  Directors' and Shareholders' meeting coordination, including meeting material preparation


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